Do you believe that dry cleaning is the only option for your dresses that are tagged “Dry Clean Only”? Well, this is not fully true in some cases. You can clean some dresses that are mentioned for dry cleaning only at home. Just you need to use mild detergent and cold water instead of using a washing machine and bleach. Now, today we would know why types of clothes really need dry cleaning and when you should look for professional dry cleaners in Kolkata or in the city you live in.



Which Items Need Only Dry Cleaning?

For sure, certain fabrics cannot be washed at home but need only dry cleaning. So, let’s discuss the fabrics that require dry cleaning only.

  1. Viscose: To take care of viscose-made dresses, it is necessary to go for dry cleaning. Viscose is a kind of rayon and it is known for its extremely shrinking feature. It may shrink, pucker, distort or elongate if it is washed at home and via a washing machine. Thus, to maintain their beauty and life, viscose dresses need only dry cleaning.
  2. Polyamide Dresses: Polyamide dresses also often get blended with viscose or rayon. So, the blend of viscose/rayon makes polyamide dresses restricted to hand or machine washing. If you wash your polyamide dresses at home, you may find them growing in double size.
  3. Pleated Items: Some dresses are manufactured and designed with pleating. The astounding part is the pleats are not stitched. Such pleats are shaped with heat sources and normal/machine washing can destroy the pleats totally. Thus, it is good to go for a dry wash for such pleated dresses.
  4. Structured Dresses: If you have a dress made with materials like padding or interfacing, you must go for dry cleaners in Kolkata or somewhere you live. while hand washing dislodges the material, the harsh solvent can hamper your dress by different means. If you have blazers with pads on your shoulder, we recommend you go for only dry cleaning.
  5. Suede: When you have one or more suede in your closet and these have tags for dry cleaning only, you cannot wash them at home. Even, you cannot hire general cleaning. Rather you need to go for the dry wash to keep your suede intact.
  6. Fur Clothes: It is completely not recommended to go for hand wash or machine wash for clothes with a fur skin. It can dislodge the fur after washing and damage the look of the dress. Thus, you should go for a dry cleaning service only to keep your fur skin dress as beautiful as you have bought.
  7. Leather Dresses: If your leather dress is tagged with no machine or hand washable, you need to get prepared to send your leather dress to your nearest dry cleaner. When machine washing or hand washing can destroy the appearance and quality of leather, dry cleaning enhances leather’s life.



Some people send their dresses to dry cleaners if the dresses caught wrinkles or smelt not fresh. It is not a solution. You can go for steam ironing or limit wearing those dresses frequently. Dry cleaning is certainly a safe option. However, go for it wisely when you need it.

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