Shopping for piles of clothes for babies is truly an amazing experience for new moms. It is normal to get carried away with the options on adorable baby clothes and to forget how you would take care of delicate clothes. But, when you look at the heaps of dirty clothes, the sight may sink you into the reality and you may start panicking. But baby Clothing Care at home is nothing to get afraid of.  You can do it yourself or if you don’t have time or you are not confident enough, you can certainly go for professional laundry service near me and enjoy more baby time.


Baby Clothes Laundry Process – Step by Step

For a change, if you want to do baby clothing laundry at home, this blog can be your super help. So, let’s read on the steps of the baby/toddler clothing laundry process.

Do Select the Right Detergent

Choose the best detergent for baby laundry. The detergent should be free of harsh compounds; otherwise, your baby can suffer from skin irritation. Types of detergent you can select for baby laundry are,

You can choose according to budget and brand preference.


Must-Have Preparations for Baby Laundry Process

Preparing your baby’s clothes for washing seems easy but there is a few things to take care of.

Prepare clothes for washing according to fabrics and colors

Check for stains before washing & remove stains separately

You need to prepare a pile of stained clothes based on the stain sources

Use warm/cool water for stain cleaning based on instructions.


Uses of Water for Baby Laundry

You cannot use direct hot water for baby laundry if you are doing hand-washing. Try to use cold or warm water (according to fabric and instructions on tags) for baby clothes washing. Hot water can damage the delicate fabric and irritate baby skin.


Drying Baby Clothes

It is not good to dry your baby’s clothes via a machine. Rather, you can go for the air drying technique. Low heat technique is considered good also. To prevent damage to baby clothes, you should not hang them in direct sun. Sun damages the fabric, color as well as a delicate feeling of the baby clothes.

Storing Baby Clothes

When the baby clothes get dried absolutely, fold them and store them in a cool and dry place. You can store them in a drawer or shelf to keep them dust-free.



Your baby’s garments need proper cleaning to ensure the best hygiene for your little angel. So, follow these processes for baby clothes washing to make baby laundry a breeze.

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