Most of us think, dry cleaning is a luxury and we can clean each of our dresses irrespective of fabric at home. No, it is not that simple. There are dresses that only professional dry cleaners in Kolkata can take care of. If you don’t know which of your clothes are meant to be dry cleaned only and which ones can be hand washed, this blog can be your help.



Dry-Clean Only Garments/Dresses

Not to mention that dry cleaning is a very effective method to clean clothes with zero water use and other convenience. But, do you know which garments should go to dry cleaners and which are not?To know, please read further down.


Dry-Clean Only Fabrics/Dresses

Silk Dresses

You cannot wash silk clothes at home. Silk needs different care and washing environment to get cleaned. Dry cleaners use a special silk-friendly cleaning agent to ensure the life of silk, its color, and its luster. If you have bright, printed, dark or lined silk garments, you should not take the chance of hand or machine washing; rather these dresses should be dry cleaned only.

Rayon Dresses

If you have dresses made of rayon, dry cleaners in Kolkata should be your call. Rayon is nothing but a tricky fabric. It is a semi-synthetic material and it can bleed. Thus, dry cleaning is the most preferable option for rayon garments. Washing rayon garments at home can end up with color bleeding, shrinking, or losing the shape of the garment. If you don’t have a near me dry cleaner, go for only cold wash cleaning.

Woolen Dresses

Yes, we do clean our woolen garments like sweaters, mufflers, shrugs, and all at home in winter. But, this is completely a threat to woolen dresses and their shelf-life. Regular sweaters or pullovers can tolerate the torture. But, if you have a pea coat or blazer, you should send them for dry cleaning. To retain the gloss and color of your blazer/pea coat/costly yet delicate woolen clothes, every user should consider dry cleaning only.

Lined Clothes

If you have bought lined clothes (a dress which has a layer of inner fabric and the fabric is very delicate) and these have fur or silk layers inside, you need to go for a dry cleaning service only. Washing lined clothes at home can damage the shape of your clothes.

Sequined/Embellished Dresses

If you have sequined or embellished dresses, a dry cleaning service near me is the only option to get them washed and cleaned. Such dresses cannot be washed at home.


Yes, you can wash your suits at home; but you would end up with a heavy disappointment. It might be possible that you cannot wear it again in public. So, it is good to look for professional dry cleaners near you and send the suits for perfect cleaning – dry cleaning only.


Leather garments are also tagged as dry-clean-only garments.


Fabrics Can be Washed and/or Dry Cleaned

But, if you have garments made of denim, synthetic, cashmere, and linen, you need to decide on the cleaning method by reading the instruction on the tag. One more, cotton is extremely suitable for hand washing.


To Conclude With…

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