Eco-Friendly Dry-Cleaning Process

Everyone is becoming environment conscious- and that is a great sign. It involves changing our habits and adopting procedures that have a good impact on the environment in addition to simplifying our way of life and reducing resource waste. Sustainability is also conceivable in the dry-cleaning sector.

Dry cleaners Kolkata shops are widely distributed in urban areas. And so is the pollution that the dry-cleaning businesses are responsible for.

Eco-friendly dry cleaning offers a number of advantages over conventional dry-cleaning procedures that release toxic chemicals and carcinogenic compounds into the environment. Thus this dry cleaning is the preferred option of today’s informed and conscious consumer group.


What Is Dry Cleaning That Is Eco-Friendly?


Dry cleaning that is eco-friendly uses techniques and solvents that are less hazardous to the environment and people’s health. Perchloroethylene (PERC), a solvent commonly used in traditional dry cleaning, has been connected to a number of health and environmental problems. On the other hand, environment friendly dry-cleaning procedures employ processes and solvents that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and more long-lasting.

In place of perc, using pressurized liquid CO2 for cleaning is a fantastic alternative. CO2, a gas that naturally occurs in the environment, is non-toxic and non-flammable, hence, this environmentally friendly dry cleaning does not pose the health risks.

CO2when put under a lot of pressure, it turns into a liquid solvent. This cleaning method is quite successful at removing stains, grease, and filth from clothing. The absence of harsh chemicals also means that mild agents are used to treat your clothing, extending its lifespan.

For this kind of dry cleaning, a unique machine that removes air from the cleaning chamber to generate a vacuum is employed. At this high pressure, the carbon dioxide transforms into liquid, and the clothes are spun and rotated while the washer is running.  Eco-friendly dry cleaning, which necessitates extreme caution and conservation measures, does not impact the groundwater. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the liquid CO2 is pumped back into the storage tank so it can be used once more. Also, there is no possibility of increasing in this greenhouse gas. It is because the liquefied CO2 is used from other industries where the CO2 is a by product and is not used back.


Benefits of the eco-friendly cleaning

  • The price is the same or even lower. Such measures greatly reduce the cost of eco-friendly dry-cleaning services.
  • The use of the cleaned clothes is made safer by the biodegradable chemicals and environmentally friendly dry cleaning method.
  • Eco-friendly dry cleaning prevents the yellow tint that standard dry cleaning can give clothes after repeated use.


We are bringing in the change

We are motivated to keep our moral obligation to use ecological friendly solvents and consistently seek out ways to improve this practice since Das Laundry & Dry Cleaning supports the concept of environmental sustainability. We protect our consumers from health risks by combining our organic solvents with antiviral and antibacterial compounds.

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