The Eco-Friendly Dry-Cleaning Process That You Must Be Aware Of

Eco-Friendly Dry-Cleaning Process

Everyone is becoming environment conscious- and that is a great sign. It involves changing our habits and adopting procedures that have a good impact on the environment in addition to simplifying our way of life and reducing resource waste. Sustainability is also conceivable in the dry-cleaning sector. Dry cleaners Kolkata shops are widely distributed in […]

Dresses Required to Be Dry-Cleaned Only – Check if You Have One


Most of us think, dry cleaning is a luxury and we can clean each of our dresses irrespective of fabric at home. No, it is not that simple. There are dresses that only professional dry cleaners in Kolkata can take care of. If you don’t know which of your clothes are meant to be dry […]

You Must Not Do These Things While Cleaning Clothes In Machine

When it comes to cleaning your clothes, your washing machine is really effective. It is your responsibility to ensure that it continues to perform well. You can keep your washing machine in good operating condition and minimize extra wear and tear by avoiding certain operations. When you get a new machine, read the handbook thoroughly […]

7-Item Need Dry Cleaning to Remain in Shape & Spotless

Do you believe that dry cleaning is the only option for your dresses that are tagged “Dry Clean Only”? Well, this is not fully true in some cases. You can clean some dresses that are mentioned for dry cleaning only at home. Just you need to use mild detergent and cold water instead of using […]